Product/Market Fit Score?

I learned some really interesting pieces about product companies – how to optimize your product-market fit? can it be improved? is it constant? can you even measure it?
Yes, you can measure and you can optimize it and it’s a never-ending process.
Some key takeaways:
0. Companies that struggled to find growth almost always had less than 40% of users respond “very disappointed,” whereas companies with strong traction almost always exceeded that threshold. [But yes you can measure and optimize it]
1. It’s a commonly held view that tailoring the product too narrowly to a smaller target market means that growth will hit a ceiling — but I don’t think that’s the case. [Focus on the niche, find your tribe]
2. Politely disregard those who would not be disappointed without your product. They are so far from loving you that they are essentially a lost cause. [Again, focus on the people who want to be part of your movement]
3. To increase your product/market fit score, spend half your time doubling down on what users already love and the other half on addressing what’s holding others back.
4. Investors advising early-stage teams should avoid pushing for growth ahead of product/market fit. As an industry, we all know that this ends in disaster, yet the pressure for premature growth is still all too common. Startups need time and space to find their fit and launch the right way. [100% true, I have seen this as a common mistake committed by most general-investors, that’s why I say to every entrepreneur and founder, it’s better sometimes not to take money from dumb investors who just forces you to scale or growth].
5. When you finally hit the product/market fit score you’re targeting, my advice is to push the pedal all the way down and grow as fast as you can. [If you delay that moment, then you will lose the battle and might even die]
6. If you’re a SaaS company like Superhuman, you simply have to keep on improving the product as the pool of users expands. To do that, we rebuild our roadmap every quarter using this process, ensuring that we’re improving our product/market fit score fast enough. [never stop working on your product/market fit score]

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