Kicking off “humane network” community

Humane Network is a close-knit community of well-intentioned and conscious individuals who are either in impact/VC investments or venture building or planning to build a career in this space. This is an exclusive and invite-only community. If you know, someone who fits these criteria – please do refer to them to fill this form or mail me at

Note: this is only for professionals in investing or venture building, dealing with the following sectors:

  • Ag-tech
  • Ed-tech
  • Fin-tech
  • Health-tech (including med-tech)
    • Preventive healthcare 
    • Clinical healthcare
    • Alternative healthcare 
  • Food-tech 
  • Mindfulness and well-being tech
  • Clean-tech including energy-tech and environment-tech

What’s my story? 

I have been lucky enough to be an intrapreneur my whole professional life – started as an IDEX fellow with Accion, then became a founding member/ intrapreneur of an education social venture, and later I joined Gray Matters Capital as an intrapreneur – to help them kickstart an impact fund initiative and ecosystem development work from scratch.

Recently, I have decided to move on from Gray Matters Capital and start my journey as a hustler, community + venture builder, and entrepreneur. 

Occasionally, I blog about the impact/responsible investing, tech for good, venture capital, investment thesis, conscious capitalism, collaborative consumption, community, and humane lifestyle.

Why “Humane Network” community? 

To create a positive impact in this world, I strongly believe in driving financial capital to entrepreneurs with the right intent. I personally don’t care if we call that capital as impact capital or venture capital, it’s extremely important to see capital as the driving force to bring change in the society. Honestly speaking, every venture that we invest should create a positive world and it’s in our hands as investing professionals to make sure that happens, so as to create a balanced world and reduce human and animal suffering. 

In the last 3 years, several people who are extremely competent (at least 100 times than me), and compassionate have reached out to me – how to build the career in impact or VC investing and I have never been able to do justice to give right guidance or advice. 

That’s what led me to build this community so that we are no longer “lone wolves” trying to create impact with our investments but also we have strong peer support to reflect with, to share with and to hang-out with. Through this, I want to facilitate peer to peer support, learning, and growth. I intend to create a strong sense of camaraderie among the tribe of people who are on a similar kind of journey. 

Objective: To create a supportive community of competent, conscious and compassionate (3Cs) individuals in impact/ VC investing and venture building, so as to drive more financial capital to right entrepreneurs.

What’s in for budding investing professionals?

I strongly believe in curating and designing our own life experiences. One thing that has always intrigued me is self-learning to self-directed experiencing, i.e. designing, creating your own experiences and life long lessons by engaging yourself in the ecosystem. 

Through this community, I want to help budding impact professionals to have self-directed fellowship, which allows them to design their own fellowship by giving them access to the following 5 things: 

  • Networks / Connections (this means building a network of experts, resource people, and networkers/ connectors in social impact or development space)
  • Access to Mentors and mentorship sessions 
  • First, find your Tribe & then connect with your Tribe and support others in their projects – remotely or offline
  • Build & Upload your Portfolio to share with others 
  • Learn – Curated and moderated by peers (self or peer to peer learning)

Come and join me in this movement, feel free to write to me at I would love to hear from you all.

PS: I am thankful to three people who inspired me directly or indirectly to build this- George Samuels, Harshit Jaiswal and Olive Moore.


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