About Sagar

Sagar in Bagar

Sagar has a background in engineering, as well as consulting for investment firms. From social enterprise to impact investment and venture capital, Sagar has a knack for harmonising complex ideas into simple structures.
Sagar started his career as an IDEX fellow with Accion just after finishing engineering, which led him to be an intrapreneur and founding member of an ed-tech place-based learning social enterprise, and eventually entered early-stage investing by being a founding member of a future of learning/ working focused impact fund.
He’s a strategist, networker, researcher, initiative taker and enjoys turning numbers/data into stories. He has spent good amount of time working as an intrapreneur and consultant with Gray Matters Capital, Accion, Global Action on Poverty, MIT-D labs, LGT Venture Philanthropy, Zinger Labs, Project Sophia (Sophia Akash Foundation) and various others.
Sagar is eager to learn, to grow spiritually, professionally and personally. Sagar believes in bringing fundamental positive world change, by working with people in technology for good space, he wants to drive capital in entrepreneurs with the right intent. He is a strong proponent of conscious capitalism and humane lifestyle.
You can know more about him at https://medium.com/@TheDreamyDryad/2a00397077cd or send him a LinkedIn request at linkedin.com/in/sagartandon/ 

Feel free to drop Sagar an email at sagar@humane.network