The solution of Mindfulness is in Tech?

Today, 1 in 5 people have a diagnosable mental illness, and 1 in 20 people have difficulty leading their everyday lives due to mental illness. “Good health is very important for our personal well-being, and it affects directly or indirectly our productivity, relationships, and our overall health. “ That’s why I am personally very passionate … Continue reading The solution of Mindfulness is in Tech?

Co-learning is the future

For quite some time, I am bullish about models which can bring online to offline experience in learning and vice-versa, as learning is a social phenomenon, we love to learn from peers, mentors, and facilitators. My hunch is that co-learning as a phenomenon will evolve as a trend like co-working. What co-working has taught me? … Continue reading Co-learning is the future

VC in a Backpacker hostel with a bike?

I was planning to write a blog about my life - how am I living a life being a minimalist, vegan, and impact investor? I am a vegan, and a minimalist, who works in #impactinvesting and #earlystageventureinvesting. I am always curious to learn and explore to be better as a human being, so that I can grow … Continue reading VC in a Backpacker hostel with a bike?

Podcasts: VC and Tech – Investments

A thorough list of podcasts that fit well to understand VC and tech-investments. *Podcasts on VC* A few “staple” podcasts on tech and the markets - MarketSnacks Daily - Recode Decode- Decrypted - a16z - Pro Rata Podcast - TechCrunch Equity - Function - There are also some great podcasts that focus on VC and … Continue reading Podcasts: VC and Tech – Investments

Language Learning Investment and Impact Landscape

Language Learning: Language learning has huge potential in emerging markets like India, China, South-east Asia, Africa, etc, where aspiration and need to learn English is very high as it is directly liked to the employment opportunities, pay scale and quality of life. Language fluency encompasses four key skills-- reading, writing, speaking and listening-- and technology … Continue reading Language Learning Investment and Impact Landscape

Product/Market Fit Score?

I learned some really interesting pieces about product companies - how to optimize your product-market fit? can it be improved? is it constant? can you even measure it? Yes, you can measure and you can optimize it and it's a never-ending process. Some key takeaways: 0. Companies that struggled to find growth almost always had … Continue reading Product/Market Fit Score?

Humane Technology?

I like the message behind this TED talk by Douglas Rushkoff about 'humane' technology and how are we focusing on being technology first than human first. It's a good reflection on me being in impact investing, investing in future of work and future of learning. Is being human in this digital age is unsexy? What … Continue reading Humane Technology?

Investments in Consumer Tech

"Technology changes but the people remain the same." I found this presentation by Andrew Chen, from Andreessen Horowitz very fascinating and still very grounded. While evaluating and looking at consumer tech companies, I think these are three core investing parameters to consider: new platforms hitting the scale existing consumer behavior "slingshot" opportunities to scale Areas … Continue reading Investments in Consumer Tech

Intentionality to Accountability: Future of Impact Investing

Every investment has a positive or negative impact, so intentionality is the first step to impact investing. But what comes after the intentionality, is the accountability. The investor should be able to collect impact parameters and measure the outputs/outcomes to be accountable. To be specific, very few for-profit social enterprises and for-profit impact funds have … Continue reading Intentionality to Accountability: Future of Impact Investing