VC in a Backpacker hostel with a bike?

I was planning to write a blog about my life - how am I living a life being a minimalist, vegan, and impact investor? I am a vegan, and a minimalist, who works in #impactinvesting and #earlystageventureinvesting. I am always curious to learn and explore to be better as a human being, so that I can grow … Continue reading VC in a Backpacker hostel with a bike?


Podcasts: VC and Tech – Investments

A thorough list of podcasts that fit well to understand VC and tech-investments. *Podcasts on VC* A few “staple” podcasts on tech and the markets - MarketSnacks Daily - Recode Decode- Decrypted - a16z - Pro Rata Podcast - TechCrunch Equity - Function - There are also some great podcasts that focus on VC and … Continue reading Podcasts: VC and Tech – Investments

Humane Technology?

I like the message behind this TED talk by Douglas Rushkoff about 'humane' technology and how are we focusing on being technology first than human first. It's a good reflection on me being in impact investing, investing in future of work and future of learning. Is being human in this digital age is unsexy? What … Continue reading Humane Technology?