Conscious Community Building

A strategy designed by keeping the community in mind during the design process, it is called “conscious community-building. “ It is about developing, building, and fostering that “sense of community” around a brand. Source: The Poverty Paradox: Why Most Poverty Programs Fail And How To Fix Them  As an entrepreneur, community builder, investor, and venture … Continue reading Conscious Community Building


being an ecosystem builder

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time understanding the technological impact on the human race (heard of humane tech?), policy impact on society (how social finance is creating better policy interventions?), ecosystem development impact on creating a market, and impact of communities/tribes to bring social and behavioral change. Hence, I thought of putting … Continue reading being an ecosystem builder

Kicking off “humane network” community

Humane Network is a close-knit community of well-intentioned and conscious individuals who are either in impact/VC investments or venture building or planning to build a career in this space. This is an exclusive and invite-only community. If you know, someone who fits these criteria - please do refer to them to fill this form or … Continue reading Kicking off “humane network” community

Financial services for next billion? [Part 1]

I am personally spending a lot of time understanding financial services landscape in emerging economies like India and how can they play an important role to help poor people come out of poverty by creating solutions designed and catered to them, by leveraging data/technology and understanding their behaviour. On the recommendation of multiple people, I … Continue reading Financial services for next billion? [Part 1]

Fin-tech disruption – how to trust the borrower?

Lending - how to trust the borrower? A lender trusts the borrower by having some due-diligence and checks/balances. This is what the banks and financial institutions have been doing since their inception. So, the critical piece boils down to how to do the due-diligence because that will determine the fraud and credit model for any … Continue reading Fin-tech disruption – how to trust the borrower?

fin-tech or tech enabled banks?

"We will always need banking but we will not always need banks"~ Bill Gates Why do I care to write about this? After spending some amount of time in impact investing and seeing the landscape, looking at companies, and operating in a social venture in ed-tech space as a founding member, I realized the most … Continue reading fin-tech or tech enabled banks?

The solution of Mindfulness is in Tech?

Today, 1 in 5 people have a diagnosable mental illness, and 1 in 20 people have difficulty leading their everyday lives due to mental illness. “Good health is very important for our personal well-being, and it affects directly or indirectly our productivity, relationships, and our overall health. “ That’s why I am personally very passionate … Continue reading The solution of Mindfulness is in Tech?

Co-learning is the future

For quite some time, I am bullish about models which can bring online to offline experience in learning and vice-versa, as learning is a social phenomenon, we love to learn from peers, mentors, and facilitators. My hunch is that co-learning as a phenomenon will evolve as a trend like co-working. What co-working has taught me? … Continue reading Co-learning is the future

VC in a Backpacker hostel with a bike?

I was planning to write a blog about my life - how am I living a life being a minimalist, vegan, and impact investor? I am a vegan, and a minimalist, who works in #impactinvesting and #earlystageventureinvesting. I am always curious to learn and explore to be better as a human being, so that I can grow … Continue reading VC in a Backpacker hostel with a bike?

Podcasts: VC and Tech – Investments

A thorough list of podcasts that fit well to understand VC and tech-investments. *Podcasts on VC* A few “staple” podcasts on tech and the markets - MarketSnacks Daily - Recode Decode- Decrypted - a16z - Pro Rata Podcast - TechCrunch Equity - Function - There are also some great podcasts that focus on VC and … Continue reading Podcasts: VC and Tech – Investments